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Mustard, No Wait, Catsup!

(Photo by Greg M.)

Let's see. So Jennifer is officially out of town. She's actually still in town, she's at work, but she's not coming home after work, so it counts. No big deal; I've got Television Night tonight & then Oubliette tomorrow. I'll keep it real. So what have I been up to? Went to the gym with Chris last night. Like I said, I've been lazy all year, & I recently hurt my arm, so I've been feeling a little sour in my skin. Monday I wanted to go, step up my game, but there was a reception for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America that I was supposed to go to, so go to it I did, even mingling despite myself. That's me with the crew, up there. Before-hand I'd hung out with Kat & Dave; After-hand I rode the train home with Bridget. Oh, my lunches have been going hardcore, too. Marie is back from France, I saw Allison's new ink, & then hung out with Liz on Monday. Crap, I was going to mention something but I lost it when I got up to get coffee. Doesn't matter, what else? Sunday I stayed inside, we babysat Olivia & I wrote stuff. Saturday, um, oh yeah! Saturday was Jocelyn's birthday! We went out to Astoria & got Greek food, obviously, then went back to her & Brian's apartment with everybody. Then, took a cab home! Since Chris & Autumn live across the street now, we could split it with no stop-offs. So that sort of stuff, that is what the snapshot of my life right now looks like. Oh I should point out that in like, the "feelings" zone, it was a really nice weekend with Jennifer, we totally made out on the couch all sweetly, I dug it. Being married to her is cool. I'm feeling a little bit over-extended socially; having Terra in China is a bummer, since our friendship deal is that we can hangout & be lazy. Hanging out & doing something is pretty exhausting. I've been doing too many somethings, & it isn't going to end this week; I'm already jam packed. I mean, let's be real, I spend my nights mostly at home on the couch watching the new fall season of shows, so this is mostly misanthropy talking. Speaking of shows: Sleepy Hollow is pretty stupid but occasionally actually spooky; The Blacklist needs to decide if it wants to be a fun mastermind/heist show like Leverage or if it wants to be a "serious" crime drama with torture & stuff in it. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is...fine, I like it okay but what is it? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't blowing my mind, except insofar as there is a S.H.I.E.L.D. show that exists, but I dig it. Oh, you know what has been firing on all cylinders, the hero of the season? New Girl. Also, as usual, Parks & Recreation. Anyhow, so when I come home from hanging out with people-- I always leave first-- & Jenny comes home from her late night of work, that's what we do, we open a bottle of champagne & flip on the tube. Oh, & I've been watching Attack on Titan but that might be a whole post in & of itself. Oh, & Bravest Warriors, I finally found a compilation of it.
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