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Gothamist Trivia Night.

Last night I played trivia & was a big winner! In that my team won second place & I won a raffle. It was a Gothamist even, & so the Trollathon crew showed up in (minor) force. Now I am a bit of a blah today, but so it goes! Let's talk about what I won! First off, the raffle was for a couple of cronuts, the legitimate Dominique Ansel kind! Which are obviously ridiculous & not worth waiting in line for, but hey, free fancy pastries that people apparently are willing to wait in line for! I shared 'em with the team but got a few big mouthfuls. Then our team won second place at trivia, out of like seventy teams. Good for us! I didn't know how useful I'd be-- with trivia I either dominate it & know everything, or I look blankly at an empty piece of paper where I'm supposed to be writing an answer-- but I totally contributed. That magazine on Just Shoot Me was called Blush, the East River froze & "Finding Foster" is pretty close to Finding Forrester, maybe they gave us half credit! So second place nabbed us loot galore; I came home with tickets to some Janis Joplin musical, tickets to see Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, a free week of Citibike, some Doctor Who DVDs & a Doctor Who beach blanket, beer coozies, & probably some other random stuff. That was fun! Nice to see those folks. Then today Sherene & I got lunch at Madison Square Eats. Oh, & the other day I went there with Jim, & then the day before that I went there with Liz! What did I eat? I've eaten the new Tacotown stuff; barbecue tacos. I ate the old standby & probably one of the best choices possible, the lobster BLT from Red Hook Lobster Pound. & then today I went to Slide & got their slider made from chorizo & beef. All pretty great! Then I grabbed a triumvirate of macaroons & took them over to Jennifer, because she's been hard at work all week & deserves husbandly thoughtfulness.
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