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Oubliette Session Six: Shibaraku Desu Ne.

(Toshi Kyoryu; "Abacus" by James Gurney.)

In good news, my Oubliette campaign started up again! The bad news was that I wasn't very focused & I let the group fragment too much. I'm purposefully playing them off each other a little, a trick I learned from Vampire: the Masquerade, but I think I'm currently causing more chaos than strife, if you take my meaning. I want dramatic tension, not dramatic dissolution. Anyhow, it wasn't bad! I shouldn't have phrased it thus; a better term would be "ugly." We were also distracted by Silissa & Eric's baby Indigo! So those three (or well, two & a half) were back & so was fatbutts, so it was a full house, even though Mollie couldn't make it. Nicole & Luke are the reliable ones, when they aren't in New England. Come to think of it, what is with all the New Englanders I know suddenly? I guess that is publishing for you. We got everyone together & ordered pizza, cracked open a few beers, & got cooking.

(Hokusai Nezumi no-Kappa; "Hida Masatari" by Drew Baker.)

Our crew of trouble-makers is as follows. Ostensibly the leader of the expedition, Haru o-Kitsune is Luke's character, the kuge, the noble courtier. Lilly's character, Amina o-Kitsune, is his cousin, a bushi, a warrior from a less prestigious branch of the family. They are joined by a representative from the banking & mechanics zaibatsu, Mukade Keku Kin, played by Nicole. Mio Yudai, Mollie's character, is a warrior-monk turned yijimbo having a crisis of purpose, so since Mollie was absent I had her wander into the desert to meditate & find herself. Removing her all the was left was to insert Silissa's character, Moe no-Cho, as the representative of the creepy pharmaceutical megacorporation, & Ren Joko Izumi the Taikomochi host hired by Goro to make sure the auction went smoothly. Because that is what everyone is here for: the auction.

(Iroha o-Lung; "The Queen" by Jed Henry.)

So the session was mostly cramming them into the story together, trying to re-set the scene, re-introduce the characters. I was not on my game, I don't think, but now that the sloppy mash of them getting back together is over, I think we can get on with things. Back onto a regular schedule of playing bi-weekly I mean. Every other week; a pet peeve of mine is how bi-weekly fails to differentiate between every other week or twice a week. Anyhow the big event of the session was the party meeting the first group of NPC bidders. Starting with the top picture, Toshi Kyoryu represents the Meikyu zaibatsu, the agribiz conglomerate, & he is in fact riding a giant ankylosaur; they say he's trying to breed a dragon! Hokusai Nezumi no-Kappa is representing the Kappa daimyo's interests; the Nezumi clan are an off-shoot, a lesser family renown for their adherence to bushido...but each member neglects on of the central tenants. Iroha o-Lung is a cousin to the Shogun herself, & represents the interests of that great house; a privateer, she lost her arm when a magazine on her ironclad exploded. She now straps a cannon on instead.
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