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So I did this colour test & I stared at it pretty hard & this is what I came up with. A 12. All my problems are in secondary colours, too; yellow-green, blue-green, indigo. Probably just one tile off. That doesn't seem very bad, especially not when viewed in a graphic format; I would really like to see the broader statistical analysis. xkcd has looked at it before & sort of backed up the whole cultural bias by gender trope; you know, men only having a category for "red" but women having magenta, cranberry, salmon, etc. Of course, there actually is a sex based bias, too, with males having more chances in the genetic lottery to wind up with legitimate colour blindness. I really liked Through the Language Glass by Guy Deutscher, & while this only tangentially makes me think of it, we are. Not to mention I wanted something to post in Livejournal; this is a personal result, after all. My Tumblr is great for resharing stuff-- my Tumblr is pretty badass, I'm into it now-- but it is a terrible blogging platform, you know? Who cares if I got a twelve on some test! I'll probably share it on there anyhow, but it makes more sense here, because as goofy as it is-- it makes me feel like this is 2001 & we're still embedding quiz results in our diaries-- it is an interesting snapshot of the intersection of biological context with online blogging. Here is some medical history, future digital archeologists!
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