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ראש השנה.

Noa's Rosh Hashanah party was last night & I'm still trying to shake it off. Just stayed out a little bit late & drank a lot of wine, is all. Also this killer sage tea; not tea with sage in it, but just tea made out of just sage. I want it, always. Anyhow, went there with Reigh & Andrew & we met up with Jocelyn & Brian & hung out mostly with them, & Noa, & Gina. Today has been babysitting Olivia; she's not as into me as she was on the SF trip, but she still wants to talk about Mauga & orcs & watch me play Skyrim. Anyhow! That is really all I've been up to; I've been lazy about the gym, this has been a bad summer for me & discipline. I am going to go today, as soon as I've dragged myself out of this funk, this lethargy. Um, anything else? No, really not anything. Video games & scribbled notes, lots of scribbled notes, lots of genius ideas. Right now that is a struggle in my life; taking good ideas & weaving them into a whole. Character & setting aren't a problem for me; plot is the problem. I'm used to letting players create plot for me, used to being reactive.
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