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Spin the Black Circle.

Had a nice early start to the weekend, as Jennifer & I went on a Thursday date night! I met her at her office after work & we went to Dumbo to watch Vertigo in the park. It was another HowAboutWe date, & we got Luke's Lobster in the mix. Luke's Lobster is probably my favorite lobster joint, edging out Red Hook Lobster Pound. We split half a crab roll, half a shrimp roll & half a lobster roll, along with some chow-dah. Watching Vertigo was weird, since we were just in San Francisco. I think Jenny was confused by the first half of the movie, because she told me "this is the least romantic movie!" Well...yes! Or well no, psychos are romantic, if you are into that (yes) but also, it is a suspense movie! That was very nice, but then we had an argument coming home because we were frustrated about being lost in Dumbo. Or well, I was frustrated that communication about being lost in Dumbo had broken down, so I wouldn't let the fight go because I wanted to talk it out. Then home & of course because of jet lag we couldn't sleep. This going coast to coast thing has made me an idlewit for the past, what like two weeks now? Just a clean twenty or thirty IQ points, right off the top. Fuzzy & stupid & my stomach can't figure out weather to be hungry or not so it just makes acid all the time. Such sad little clockwork!
Tags: howaboutwe, movies, park

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