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The Southern Cross.

This is my favorite piece of this guy's, here: a slice of log that he put molten glass on, let is burn a divot, took the glass out when it cooled, & then put more molten glass into it; lather, rinse, repeat. A study in variations, complexity, lacunae, & entropy. I'm feeling it! I just hope I don't accidentally knock it over when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So this apartment has a garden, a balcony, a workshop, & four floor, or three floors & a loft, or whatever you want to call it. It is stuffed full of our host's artwork, mostly in glass & wood & stone. A lot of his stuff is about using chaos-- waves, wind, fire-- to create meta-art, like a windmill that writes or falling grains of sand that creates patterns. Remember Diana from college? I think he'd have liked that tooth sculpture she did. Anyhow, this place is super lavish, it is neat. We're having a barbecue here later today, but first we are going to go see Reigh at Google for lunch. What did we do the other days? We walked all over San Francisco with fordmadoxfraud, basically. Chinatown to North Beach, Chinatown to The Mission, Mission to Castro, Castro to Haight-Ashbury, yeah, we've climbed all over & we got a burrito at that place that you want to tell us to make sure we eat at. Lower Haight is maybe my favorite spot so far; we did an art crawl which is a fancy way of saying a nicer pub crawl, basically. We started out at Nikki's, which...was a really nice pub? Then to some shops where we drank beer & bought some knick-knacks. Oh & Jennifer got a tattoo of a diamond to remember the thieves' motto: Don't Forget the Jewels.
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