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Oubliette: Kits & Unique Items.

When I was talking about weapons & armor in Oubliette the other day, I left out a crucial part of the discussion: non-combat equipment. I don't care about nickle & diming Players by counting every candle, every coin-- though counting every ration in a survival story or every foot of rope in a tense aerial escape I'll count-- so I put forward the ideology of abstraction here, as well. That falls, as far as I can tell, into two categories; unique items & various kits. The basic rule of thumb for both is that it costs (at character creation, where you get seven dots) one point for a +1, & the encumbrance of it increases on a 1:1 ratio. Buying better concealment & less encumbrance costs, you guessed it, a point. So for three points you could get this:

Chadogu Tea Ceremony Kit
Bonus: +3
Encumbrance: 3
Concealment: Robe

Both kits & items work the same way: the bonus of the item provides a bonus to any related skill. That is to say, you've got that fancy Tea Ceremony Kit; depending on how the scene plays out, it could help you with your Socialize check, your Persuasion check, your Subterfuge check, heck maybe even your Politics check. It isn't tied to a particular skill; rather, if it is applicable because of events in the story, then you use the bonus. The same thing holds true for unique items. If you wanted to have a particularly Terrifying Mempo mask, for instance, you could spend three points on:

Terrifying Mempo
Bonus: +2
Encumbrance: 1
Concealment: None

Which I decided to spent a point on lowering the Encumbrance of, just to show what I meant. I also changed the Concealment to "None" because...well, because it is on your face, & the sight of it is kind of the idea behind it. I would buy someone using a scarf or veil to hide it, though, sure, why not. A scary mask can perhaps most obviously aid in Intimidation, but I would be open to someone using it during a Stealth check, hiding the reflection of their face & their identity, or other similar arguments. The situational argument is a good one, because it contains inside of it some story, some thesis as to why you think it would work in a particular scene.
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