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Alright, just a sloppy run-down of what I've been up to, since I've been bad at that. That picture above is from Jennifer; she took it at a Taco Party I had with a bunch of Gothamist friends, which I thought was what I did on Saturday, but then I realized that I had Book Club on Saturday, & that I was a whole week off on my catch-up post. Not that I could tell you what I did two weeks ago, otherwise; my brain just doesn't work like that, which is why having a place online that I keep current is helpful to me. What did I do last week? So here is the placeholder for the last week or so, so I don't find myself in this position again. Alright, last Friday was seeing Monkey, then the aforementioned book club. On Sunday we took the train to the beach with Kira & Olivia. I'd never been to Long Beach; we had some curry & bratwurst first which was...really good in fact. We met up with Donna & Frank there; we are going to their wedding in San Francisco next month, but we haven't really ever hung out with Frank. We swam & bodysurfed so I guess that is a form of bonding. Olivia, despite being a baby covered only in a diaper & sand, didn't burn, which is crazy, since she sure wasn't good at staying in the shade. The work week was not so jam packed with action; I mostly came home & continued to blitz through The West Wing. Terra, who has the advantage of being pregnant, has actually caught up to me & Jennifer, though at this point she might have passed us. Yep, I just checked, she's in season five now. Friday I spent hanging out with Matt; we met Kat for lunch, goofed around in Alphabet City for a bit, met back up with Kat & with Brian & Jocelyn & Henry for a bit. What is the name for that, when you use serial conjunctions? In this case because "Brian & Jocelyn" are a couple, it is a discreet unit. Anyhow, we ended the night just watching The Avengers because they hadn't seen it & I am lame & didn't feel like going out for drinks. Saturday...hey, that was yesterday! We babysat for a while, did laundry while doing so, came home, tried to relax for a bit-- Jennifer had a barnburner Friday night herself-- before I went out to meet up with Gothamist trolls again. It is like, the year anniversary of us meeting up. Burgers & beers was the solution. I left there-- more Alphabet City-- & headed to Williamsburg to go to ranai's birthday party at the Counting Room. It was a nice time-- I ended up talking about The Protomen & I didn't start that conversation!-- but we left just as it was starting to heat up, because I am an old fuddy-duddy who turns back into a bat & a pumpkin if I stay out too late. Today I actually slept in, which never happens.

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