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Hawk Guy.

Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon by Matt Fraction, David Aja, Javier Pulido, et al.

Zen & the Art of...
well, Being a Superspy?
& Archery, duh.

Hawkeye keeps talking about having a bad day, as he's falling out of skyscrapers with broken glass around him in a halo. Okay, I get it; I had an annoying commute & then locked myself out of the apartment for a while last night, so that is basically the same. I liked this comic. Here is the thing; sometimes I worry that I've become "that guy" in comics. "Oh, comics were better during the period of time I was readin' 'em, those were the good old days, up hill, both ways! In the snow!" Especially when, you know, DC announces a new movie & it makes me roll my eyes. Seriously, though, Superman vs. Batman, by the director & writers who brought you a Superman who lets people die & kills the bad guy. I thought we were stuck in the 90s with this New 52 stuff, but are we actually regressing to be in the 80s? The fact that The Dark Knight Returns was quoted & seems to be everyone's favorite comic makes me think so. I yearn for them to have their Kingdom Come moment of realization. The fact that the Nolan & Snyder movies made buckets of money only makes it worse. Anyhow! The moral of the story, actually, I don't think I am the problem, because Marvel is managing to make blockbusters that are fun & enjoyable, & while I may have fatigue over their event driven philosophy these days, at least they are making movies like Guardians of the Galaxy-- which Karen Gillan shaved her head for!-- & writing comics like Hawkeye. Just a fun low-tech spy story; if you liked things like Queen & Country or Sleeper than this is for you. Not to mention how nice the colours are, & how committed Matt Fraction is to including Kate Bishop in it.
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