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The Wasteland.

Yesterday I was watching Ze Frank give a TED Talk & he challenged people to use Google street view to follow a path they used to take when they were a kid. So I did. Well, sort of; there hasn't been a Google car through where I grew up, but I grabbed the satellite images. Being in the future is cool, huh? "Oh, there aren't public photographs of everything yet, just mostly everything, so I had to rely on pictures taken from outer space." Weird world. Anyhow, above is the house where I grew up, & below is the beach I would walk to & hang out at. Read, swim, whatever, I spent a lot of time at that beach. I also looked at some of the stuff I used to hang around at when I was in college, but that weird little island in the Cuyahoga by the railroad tracks is gone; they turned the waterfall off & made that whole area a manicured park. Everywhere else just looks like brutalist squares; as disinteresting as you might imagine. Still, it was an interesting thing to do; long unused neurons started firing off. "Oh yeah, I remember something about that!" Brains have memories, I guess.

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