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So yesterday was pretty fun, though I'm certainly suffering under the effects of that fun's aftermath this morning. Let me do it in pieces, because the idea of writing everything all at once sounds aggravating. In the morning we babysat Olivia, bouncing between our apartment & Kira & Nino's apartment. So yeah, kids are crazy, I totally am into it. Olivia often wants to talk about "oaks." Did I tell this story? I was at work when I got a message from Kira asking "what is an oak?" Context please, I asked. She said she was drawing things for Olivia, like Olivia would request them & Kira would draw them, & Olivia asked for an "oak." When asked to describe it she said it has "big teeth & has long hair. I like scary things now." OHHHhhh, I get it, she's saying "orc!" So I sent her some pictures of orcs. That wasn't a passing fancy, though! Today she was looking at Vines of orcs-- specifically my Skyrim orc, Mauga-- & really digging it. I was getting Jennifer's summer clothes down from the closet & filing away some new miniatures, & Olivia was curious, so I started showing her some of them. She things dragons & dinosaurs are pretty cool, but mostly she just wants to look at orcs. So I taught her that orcs go "waaagh!" Which is pretty awesome. When we finished & put them away, I went to the gym. I've been slack about working out; I've been doing it, but not pushing myself. I think I've backslid on a few exercises. Anyhow, I'm sort of trying to redouble my efforts. Then I came home & started preparing for book club. (Photo by Jennifer.)
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