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All Men Must Die.

What a nice weekend, huh? Friday I had the day off; instead of going to the gym I played Journey & then went to go see Much Ado About Nothing. Saturday...well, what happened Saturday? I went to the gym & then headed to Greenpoint for Alicia & Ken's housewarming party. That was really nice! Then I came home a little bit tipsy & went to the Brooklyn Pride Parade with Jennifer & fatbutts. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Jennifer & I met up with Matt, Kat, Jocelyn & Brian at the Seaport for drinks in a 250 year old bar where George Washington once got drunk. Then up to the Village, first for the Tony's-- did you see NPH's opening number?-- then for the real meat & drink of it. Watching Game of Thrones. None of our predictions were right-- no Purple Wedding, no Stoneheart-- but I liked what we got. It was all over the place in terms of tone, but I think it worked.

Yara is the action movie. "I'm putting a band of misfits together to go on a suicide mission!" Bran is the epic fantasy quest. "Don't go Mister Stark! It is too, too perilous!" The Lannisters are in the middle of one of those bleak family dramas. "Of course I'm drunk, it is the only way to survive this family!" Arya & Sandor are a buddy cop show, like Lethal Weapon. "You killed that guy! Next time gimme a minute to put on a poncho!" Over wrought love story? "I can't quit you! But I can shoot you with arrows." As for Theon, my theory from the books has always been that his story is how Sméagol became Gollum. & then...Daenerys' storyline. Listen, in the books, she grew up in Esos, she is ethnically Esos, & Ghis & Valyria have historic relationship. She's not a colonial story about the White Man's Burden. But having a lily white actress being fawned over as the savior of a bunch of brown people while "tribal" music plays is...crossing a line. Hopefull next season you'll reign that in; maybe have some characters be like "um, you just had a parade, don't get so full of yourself, foreigner." I don't know.
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