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Zatara '66.

As I mentioned, I am playing Preston Stagger in the ravenface penned play, Strange Tales of Preston Stagger. After a month of memorizing lines, the show goes up this week. It involves dueling warlocks, anthropomorphic pandas, crimefighting rabbits, & gratutious use of the word "pony." Personally, I've summed up my inspiration for the character as "Zatara '66," as I am trying to filter the campy Adam West Batman though the script. I am of course a nervous mess; I enjoy having done a play, but the actual doing of it, yikes. A sense of accomplishment, of some kind of artistic endeavour, that is all well & good. I stretch the proverbial muscles on all of my attributes, whether it is going to the gym for Strength, reading articles & books for my Intelligence or playing role-playing games & acting in plays for my Charisma. Also, I grew a beard for the role of Preston Stagger. Anyhow, if you'd like to come-- I'd encourage you to do so!-- the show is $15 with a two drink minimum. Starts at 7:00 & it is at Don't Tell Mama, the piano & cabaret bar at West 46th between 8th & 9th Avenue. If you reserve tickets in advance, it is actually only $10 (with a two drink minimum...the joke being "a one-act play with a two drink minimum!") so that might be a tactic worth pursuing? Here are the links for Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
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