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Angels Are God's Robots. (20)

The God-Machine Chronicle by White Wolf.

When the alarm beeps.
you will know the stars are right.
Tick, tock, tick, tock. BEEP.

I wrote a post at about how The God-Machine Chronicle bodes well for the future of White Wolf. An embrace of the non-canon! There are new rules, too; some of which resemble rules I've put into play in my current Oubliette campaign & some of which don't...but that is the glory of house rules; who cares? I do what I want. One thing I find really interesting is how the eponymous God-Machine resembles elements of The Great World from my first Oubliette campaign. Spoiler alert, "Great World" was a pun on "grate world," which was something I originally said to describe elements of Silent Hill. The homophone just enchanted me. Anyhow, this isn't their "alien" book, which I thought it might be, nor is it quite a sequel to Promethean but it might be if you squint. In the review I also mention the fiction anthology which is worth checking out, as well.
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