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Clan Glass Spider.

So I continue to be alive, which is a stroke of luck in my favor. Step one of the Hierarchy of Mordicai-ness is all about that; just remember, by being alive, you are winning! Most things aren't even, excluding the possibility of infinite dimensions...but factoring infinity into a rational discussion is sort of life dividing by zero. Anyhow, I've been being a Real Boy a lot lately which is slightly draining. I need a second to stop & recharge my batteries but I don't think I'll get one until the month is over. Whenever I'm not busy, I really should be rehearsing for Strange Tales of Preston Stagger. I'm used to having a whole summer to learn my lines & I need to cram! Anyhow, there are other fish on the line besides that, work things, that I'm not letting myself get stressed out about. It is working, but that drains the fuel tank, too! So okay, what is the score? Got home from Washington DC & the Sweetlife Festival on Sunday & immediately segued into watching Olivia. Didn't watch Game of Thrones with Kira & Nino because Olivia was fussing, & still haven't watched it. Monday I came home & went to the gym & then we watched the New Girl season finale & it was wonderful. Seriously, convert to that show if you haven't yet. Tuesday I went to the gym again, with Tiffany, & she convinced me to do a step aerobics class. It was a work out, but I didn't have a hard time keeping up. What I did have a hard time with was with keeping rhythm or having coordination. I'm just a lurching Frankenstein. Wednesday was play rehearsal & then Television Night...where we just re-watched New Girl. Seriously. Then last night was a start-up party; I went & saw all of Jennifer's old co-workers, & fordmadoxfraud was there, & I tried using Google Glass, & then we came home. Don't people know that I want to be a boring homebody?
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