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I left work early on Friday to hop onto a Bolt Bus & head to Our Nation's Capitol (™ Pending) to crash Jennifer's business trip. First, a word on Bolt Bus: it wasn't terrible & it wasn't expensive. The WiFi was absolute rubbish though; with a better quality free WiFi it would have been way better. If I could go through my feed reader while I travelled I'd be way less fussy about it. I got to Washington, DC & was dropped off at Union Station, which is a big confusing maze of a place. I mean, utterly devoid of meaning, it was a big semiotic black hole. Where staircases go to die. Not signs, because heaven forbid they have a sign pointing to an exit. I got out & walked about a mile-- past police lions-- to the hotel; we were staying at the W on the National Mall. Jennifer was like "oh, I am working late" & I was like "uh, good because I'm just going to go dominate some war memorials now," & then I did. The White House was barricaded off-- I don't have any idea of how unusual or normal the degree of security was-- but fine. The Executive Branch is definitely the worst branch of American government anyhow. One president, can you believe it? People basically think of it as an elected king, which isn't any better. Anyhow, I went close to the Washington Monument but it is under repairs, so whatever. I also saw a Boy Scouts statue; if you watch that video I promise I wasn't obnoxiously shouting, but it sounds like it! Still, I do wish the BSA wasn't homophobic & religiously intolerant, I have fond memories of my time there. Also, it literally is a statue of a boy with a naked man behind him, so. For what that is worth. From there it was down to the World War II Memorial, which is pretty neat. Then over to the Vietnam War Memorial, but by then it was too dark for videos. I ended up at the Lincoln Memorial which is...pretty great. Pretty, but not as pretty as my dream Washington, DC. Again, mis-interpreting the president as a regent, but at least Lincoln did win The War of Southern Slavery & Treason. Then just back to the hotel for martinis. I met a couple of people who grew up like, literally around the corner from me in The Wasteland, so that was weird. Jennifer & I grabbed dinner, then passed out, & when we woke up we headed to The Sweetlife Festival with Wesley.
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