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I don't have any particular updates, but I'm going to ramble, since I want to be a little more dedicated about this thing here, & just spare musing on my life oughta provide some kind of opportunity for that. I had another Strange Tales of Preston Stagger rehearsal, this time just me, my scene partner-- I play the crime fighting magicians, Preston Stagger, & she plays by faithful anthropomorphic rabbit sidekick, Rabert-- & the director/villain of the piece. It was a lot of fun; they both have acting backgrounds, so I occasionally feel like a dunce when they break out shorthands or what have you, but she's very funny as Rabert, so yay! Not that I was worried, mind you, but it is fun to be around people who are good at things. Also, we had Television Night! Me, Jennifer, fatbutts (she took the picture above), James & elladorian. Yes, Maggie came because fordmadoxfraud was on vacation; I mean, them splitting up wasn't particularly acrimonious, she just left TV Night to give him some space, you know? Anyhow, no drama or anything. We didn't watch anything though; instead we played a French story game called Dixit. There was a TableTop episode about it with Beth Riesgraf from Leverage! That is about it, though. It rained a lot. I went to the gym in the morning; just a short workout but I pushed fairly hard for it being seven ante meridiem. I got to say "I'm two steps ahead of you" to my boss at a key moment, that was fun; I've actually been pretty busy & super helpful at work, in the grand scheme of things. I don't know what else. I've been trying to go out with Jennifer more often, whether just to dinner, or meeting in the city for drinks, or hanging out with friends together. We even watched a basketball game with people! Well, on television. At a bar. But a sports bar! Oh, & I wrote a happy birthday post for Gene Wolfe at
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