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Ecce Neanderthalensis. (19)

Last Ape Standing by Chip Walter.

The iPhone & the
Acheulean hand axe are
no coincidence.

I reviewed Last Ape Standing for, but forgot to link to it, or count it in my book review round-up. There are a few other books on deck to be reviewed there that I haven't counted; my list this year is probably going to be pretty wonky, though I'm sure I'll still do a Year End Best Of round-up. Just saying, my recording of what I read isn't as immediate since I now factor in writing for I wrote a news post about Superman & I also wrote about a performance critical of Harry Potter called "To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang. I'm pretty happy with the fact that I'm at least conversant from an armchair anthropologist perspective. In fact, that isn't the only anthropology post I have had; I also blogged about a Scientific American article about hybrid humans just recently.
Tags: anthropology, books, haiku,, walter
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