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"I Trust You With My Fun."

Not all that much to discuss in regards to yesterday's session of fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth AD&D campaign. Mostly because the session was a big fight! Not a big brawl, but a more confusing fracas. Spies! Thieves! Assassins! The invisible! We skulked around & then struck! Okay, let me just get the facts down; we left the Earth Node after wrapping up last session, & the first thing that happens is a group reunion! The Earth Node crew was the Thieves Three; my elf thief-archer Curulókë & his adopted mushroom friends & jelly babies, Harlowe, or Hazatsu, the half-elf cleric/thief played by Ken & Aeryn Prow, the human thief, played by Alicia. Leaving the Node we met fatbutts' half-elf druid Gilda who has recovered from her bad girl phase & skycornerless' new character, since Vigda died, a half-elf cleric/fighter from Kara-Tur named Karai. She's part of the same order as Hazatsu, so we take her in. The King of the Earth Titans, Volgo, has been mutated by the wild magic infused black dragon heart Curulókë & Aeryn sewed into him, but we brought him to the Prime Material Plane with us.

Curulókë is still poisoned, & despite the players & the dungeon master pouring through the text, we can't find a spell for getting rid of poison. There is a cure disease & a remove curse, even a slow poison, but curing it? Gilda makes a check on Curulókë but things are bad; just as I botched Curulókë's roll with the throne that poisoned him initially, now Lilly botches Gilda's roll. Not a good turn of events; that luck holds by the way, for a while; I keep rolling low for the rest of the game. Sometimes, when it is my thief skills, that low roll is great! I sneak like a ninja, I find traps like a sapper. When I attack, however, it is whiff, whiff, 1s & 2s. Which is what happens; the Volgo, the Mutant King of the Earth Titans, decides that he's parting ways with us & just starts punching his way out of the temple. Oh, okay! We'd talked about hiding in the wizard's secret passages so we run off in that direction. Only to be brought up short by a confrontation at the crossroads!

By Gramag, the assassin from Hommlet who killed the wizard Rufus, & was working with the town tanner-- & agent of the Temple of Elemental Evil-- Ramos Davil. Gramag is accompanied by a broken man, a brainwashed former paladin of Saint Cuthbert, Sir Joofer. Before the fray is joined, Gilda-- with her roc-eye-- sees the invisible cleric & Curulókë spots another skulking assassin in the side room. Hey, flanking enemies is my signature move! With that, the fight is on. Like I said, I miss with my attacks for most of the fight, though one of the slime babies makes the female assassin blind & then I put arrows into her face, dealing buckets of damage, killing her. I also managed to use my body as a shield to prevent Gramag from escaping while Gilda turned into a jaguar to fight him. Aeryn knocked out the Stockholm Syndromed paladin, hoping he can be saved, & Hazatsu is just a dangerous thug with his maul of the titans. & Karai's AC is a zero! I'm so jealous of that, but I think I'm going to get Gramag's elven chain & the other assassin's magical buckler, which will both be great. New mini time!

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