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The Machine-God Chronicle. (15?)

The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology by White Wolf.

I've told you before:
Angels are God's robots. &
God's malfunctioning.

Well, Mark L. S. Stone's "Ouroboros" inspired the Naga's Curse in my last Oubliette session, so that is money well spent, right there. Really though, let's call a spade a spade: this exists because McFarland & Chillot's "Voice of the Angel" from the World of Darkness core book is just so excellent. I mean, it is a perfect piece of gonzo occult conspiracy theory. They nail it. I actually didn't think I needed anything more from them...until I read about the Holy Engineers. Oh, you are going to doubledown on the outsider art word salad angle? Well then, count me in! So, here is the thing-- this is an anthology of short stories. It has the same foibles as any other short story collection; some pieces are less on topic than others, & the quality of the writing varies. That said, I really liked it! Besides "Ouroboros" & "Voice of the Angel," I think McFarlad's "Stories Uncle Don Told Me" & "Go Back" by Stew Wilson are my favorites. I didn't realize "Stories..." was by McFarland until just now when I checked; huh, maybe I just like McFarland! Another fellow Wastelander. Wilson's story has me wondering if the World of Darkness is finally ready to do Greys: The God-Machine or something. I'm feeling it.
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