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International Tabletop Day.

Well, International Tabletop Day, I think I did you proud. Deconstructed my last game session in the morning, then played AD&D in the afternoon...& then I came home to pick up Jennifer to go on a game-night date! Another of those free How About We dates; I think Jennifer really found a cool service. We went to The Brooklyn Strategist & got coffee, cookies, popcorn & enough boardgames to shake a stick at. Also, it is BYOB, so we split a bottle of wine that we'd brought, to boot. How About We For Couples isn't a double date service, I've gotten asked that, but we did end up partnering up with Sean & Lauren so we had a foursome for gaming. We played Tsuro first, because I'd seen it on TableTop & it looked fun & fast. Lauren won, & I came in second, establishing a pattern that held for the whole night. We played the Star Trek Settlers of Catan, which I guess Wil Wheaton & Felicia Day were live streaming simultaneously. Hey, we're part of the broader geek context! Sean won that...& I came in second. Last we played Snake Oil, which is kind of like what would happen if Apples to Apples & Balderdash had a baby. Plus, there is a recombinant element that means it has a lot of replay value; it is both fun & well designed. I...I came in second, & Lauren won. We hung out with the staff afterward, looked at some old Chainmail miniatures, & then we headed out to meet up with fordmadoxfraud & Libby for a drink. Not a bad nerd date! (Top picture by The Brooklyn Strategist.)

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