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Sake Photo Essay.

Last night I met up with Jennifer in Chinatown for another date night! Did I mention that Jennifer is a thing I'm trying to make happen? Her co-workers call her Jennifer, & throwing in a "Jenny" can be confusing, so I'm just practicing mix it up so that I am better at code-switching. Our date was at a place called SakaMai on the Lower East Side, & it was pretty freaking nice! First, we got sake flights. I drink a lot of cheap unfiltered sake, so we each got the nigori flight. Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo was the lightest & most refined, "Shichi Hon Yari" Junmai Ginjo was next, which is like an extended "middle part" of the brewing process, if I understand correctly, & Kiksui "Perfect Snow" (Doburoku Style) was just raw & granular. All were really good; Jennifer thought the first one was very drinkable, & the last one was so thick it took her forever to drink. Our appetizer, up above, were shishito peppers, which were battered & fried. Then our "small plate" was "egg on egg on egg"-- sturgeon caviar on top of sea urchin roe on top of a custardy scrambled eggs. Fatty & great! At the end, we realized we knew our waitress from Blue Ribbon, & so we talked to her & told her the story of how we got engaged there. Turns out, the ex-chef from Blue Ribbon is the person who opened this spot! Fun coincidences. Then we went over to Kat's & met up with her, Matt & their friend who we annoyed by hijacking the conversation to talk about some phone app we like.
Tags: howaboutwe, restaurants, sake
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