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The Invisibles Volume Seven: The Invisible Kingdom by Grant Morrison, et al.

Dial Operator.
"I'd like to save my game, thanks."
Then start the boss fight.

I finished up The Invisibles & wrote about it over at In Supergods Morrison used non-fiction to tell the secrets of his magical initiation; The Invisibles is the same information, in fiction format. Just like All-Star Superman is the story of his enlightened Apollonian man; this the perhaps the Dionysian side of the coin. Anyhow, Volume Seven deals with the departures of several members of the main crew by...well, by jumping ahead a year, crashing in new characters, & not really scratching the surface of them? Whatever, the character I'm most invested in is probably Edith Manning, & she had a proper send off before Grant Morrison's hyperactive & information soaked near-future-- now the near past-- collapses in the ecstatic cataclysm of their enlightenment. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. An appropriately meta-text outro caps the coda off, too. My favorite Morrison? Nah, probably not. Important Morrison? Yeah, probably. You have the pan the river for gold, but brothers & sisters, there is gold in them thar hills.
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