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"I'm going to go back there someday."

Television Night was just me, Jennifer & fordmadoxfraud but dawg, that crew rolls so super hard. We run these streets; we put on The Muppet Movie which came out the year I was born, & then Gonzo sang a song that I always liked as a kid but never realized was basically an antiphon to "The Rainbow Connection," so that kind of destroyed me. "The Feels." Also Mel Brooks is a super Nazi doctor? In this movie for kids? I am not like, hip to the past or whatever, so a lot of the cameos went over my head, but I really wished Groucho was in it. I'd tried to get David & Jennifer to watch Duck Soup but to no avail. This week has been...pretttttty drinking heavy. Jennifer's job no longer exists, so that is a, a thing in life. Regarding my lunch budget, Terra was like "oh good, an excuse for you to eat lamb cart every day," & I was like "oh my god you know my secret self!" Yeah, all I want is to eat dog food, basically, in a nutshell. & listen to Gonzo sing songs about alienation, on repeat. My game tonight was cancelled, so I plan on hitting the heavy pieces of metal at the gym. Lift them up, put them back down, lift them up again, that sort of thing. I have a super exciting life, right? Sometimes! Hey, do you want to be subjected to me talking about my Skyrim character now? She learned how to somersault & is only six levels away from the cap!
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