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Yeah, Oh Yeah!

What time is it? Adve...well, okay, actually, yeah, Adventure Time! I was just going to say "time for the cool t-shirt that Terra got me as a present in the wrong size that I had to exchange to finally arrive," which is true (see above) but it is also time for "Bad Little Boy"! Donald Glover as Marshall Lee, the gender-swapped Marceline. In the first episode, the Fiona & Cake universe was the Ice King's fanfiction; this time it was Marceline's critique of herself. Um, that is a really great frame story? Sliding it from side character to side character really gives them a way to rotate that meta-story in a lot of smart, interesting ways. Neil Patrick Harris is Prince Gumball; maybe his story will be next? Oh which-- the escalation of "Bubbline" shipping was a nice touch. I guess there is a possibility that they are pseudosiblings, but it is looking more & more like they are exes. Plus also Childish Gambino raps about being a vampire, so yeah, as Finn would say, "yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Oh so I'm at a point in my life where (#HumbleBrag) I might just be at a party where Andrew WK shows up? I'm not super starstruck by nature, because I'm smug & vain, then on top of that living in New York City takes the veneer off celebrities, then on top of that working with famous people on their books pretty much nullifies it...which is actually all my roundabout way of saying that no, actually Andrew WK made me fanboy a little. Not a lot of people could do that, like, Cate Blanchett I guess? Gene Wolfe (who I've never met but had a dream about meeting last night!) probably. Not Kurt Loder, he was there too but shrug. Maybe Andrew WK is just like, a personal celebrity? He's not like, famous, unless he is famous to you, right? Anyhow um, the real moral of the story is he arrived just as Jenny & I were leaving, so I guess we sort of failed at "party hard" as an ethos.

Um, I know I've been terrible at blogging; here & there both. Partly it was having to work through my lunch breaks; I am pretty good about using my lunch breaks "productively" to document my life or muse about role-playing games. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that playing Skyrim wasn't also a big factor. I got the Dragonborn downloadable content; it is really gorgeous. Anyhow, I really don't do much of anything, I just cancel plans to play video games. Yesterday Jennifer built a new television cabinet, sprucing up the place a little bit. Monday was a holiday, but all my friends were working or out of town, so I just worked out &, you guessed it, played Skyrim. Which, like, come on, I'm seriously not kidding, what do you think I did all weekend? The same exact thing. I'm not quite an addict, because it isn't ruining my life, but I'm mainlining it pretty hard. Still, I'm level 70 so grinding for experience is getting much harder; I am going to have to start finishing off quests. Even with the DLCs, I'm on the waning edge, which is good news; I'm not going to mess around with Elder Scrolls Online though, because...that way lies peril.
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