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More Like "Cuddlefish."

A super nice Valentine's Day! Thanks, guy, for...dying horribly? I'm pretty sure you were brutally martyred or something, right? I'm not going to check Wikipedia but I'm pretty sure. Anyhow, it was at Television Night-- the usual crew, more of the Joe Schmo bounty hunter season-- when Jennifer told me that she wanted to "do something" for Valentine's Day. So here is the thing; she can be a tricky bird to get a read on! We went out to lunch with Cassie & Jenny was talking about it, a little. She doesn't care about it, but cares about it enough that she wants something to commemorate it, but doesn't want that to be expensive, but wants it to be something cool...I joked about her being the no-win scenario, the Kobayashi Maru of wives. I tease though, she's just verbalizing her feelings! That is valuable because I am a little bit sociopathic & sometimes need a straight-forward road map of how to behave. Anyhow, since it was sprung on me & I was unprepared, I had to think fast! Actually, I just took the advice of Stephanie from the Trollathon, & looked on Open Table. Nabbed a nice reservation at The Crab Spot, & headed over there. The verdict on Crab Spot? Positive, with caveats that still end up in the black. First, the problem: they were clearly unprepared for the Valentine's Day rush. Our food was really slow in coming...probably because they had to mince ceviche for half the people in the place. That said, they were very apologetic & comped us a second bottle of wine, which is...well, which is a completely acceptable way of saying they are sorry? I mean, I remember the textbook rush at Kit Marlowe & Co. Sometimes you are just slammed & there is nothing to be done about it except grin, bear it, & push through. Anyhow, the food was really good! After the ceviche I had a Wesport boil. You know about boils, right? 'cause I don't. It is like...a Louisiana thing, maybe? It feels swampy to me, like part of that Cajun situation. Then again, it could be like a New England thing, too. Anyhow it was half a crab, a whole lobster, a sausage, melted butter, corn & some potatoes. I dominated that lobster! I got a whole claw out, whole, & the whole tail out in one piece, too. So dinner was a long conversation about simple machines, punctuated by two bottles of wine, culminating eventually in a feast of ocean bugs. Then we walked home & did a gift swap; I got her a Gil Hibben dagger that I'd admired since I was a wee sprout. It is what I always imagined that Raistlin's silver dagger (concealed with a "cunning thong") looked like, actually. She got me a cuttlefish print, made with real cuttlefish!

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