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Eulalie Sœurs. (9)

The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse.

The stygian cow,
knit of silver & hatred
gird in spells & traps.

So, this is my first "Wooster & Jeeves"-- or is it "Jeeves & Wooster" or just "Jeeves"?-- story, given to me by fordmadoxfraud. High expectations all around, I think. The verdict: a casual like. I am not quite a convert, but I see how it could happen. I didn't laugh out loud on the train while I was reading it. I do when I am reading some of the "Culture" novels of Iain M. Banks, so I know it can be done. Interesting to note, though, that those certain "Culture" novels-- I'm thinking of Surface Detail most recently-- are the funniest books that spring to mind. Anyhow, what I did feel radiating off these books is a sense of comfort. That is, you know it is all going to turn out alright in the end, through the alchemy of Bertie's bumbling & Jeeves' scheming, which lets you sort of relax & enjoy the ride. Like a pleasant ride in the English countryside, suddenly interrupted by, say, a streaker. Though that sounds more like Doc Martin & I rather suspect that the arrows of influence flow vice-versa, as it were. My point is that I easily see how someone reads a dozen of these things; the characters are vivid enough to be easily familiar. I liked it, but I'm not in too huge a rush to read the second one that David gave me...but I will read it.
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