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Gold Skull!

I've started trying to grow a beard. I don't think of myself as even having the capability to grow one. Remember when I had my skull busted? I didn't shave for three months & I liked like, how did I put it, "David Blaine when he came out of the ice." Like, I get haggard, but nothing ever fills in. Still, that was a decade ago, so maybe now my old man face will actually grow enough hair? Only one way to find out. An executive said I'd look good in one, & Jenny sort of wants to see what happens, so we'll find out, huh? Otherwise, well, what have I been up to? A lot of the usual, but just as much extraordinary stuff-- it has just fallen by the wayside. That is why catch-up posts are important; if you don't catch 'em all, they're gone forever. So real quick, while I'm eating my lunch, let me stitch some stuff together. Well, I've played a ton of Skyrim, so just take that as read. Otherwise, I'll just back it up, chronologically. Yesterday I hung out lackadaisically with Jenny, went to the gym, & then had dinner with Kira & Nino. Came home, watched Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live. Um, Saturday...see how quickly it slips away? Saturday I made breakfast-- home fries, bacon & eggs-- & went to the gym. Also, babysitting Olivia! Oh, & made dinner: hamburgers! In fact, on Friday night I made hot dogs. I'm so All-American I can't even stand it. Gym, too; I went to the gym, I've been sticking to my three-days-a-week schedule, so take that as read as well. Friday work let out early on account of the snowstorm, & I spent my new free time playing video games. Thursday I ran Oubliette, which was a lot of fun. Wednesday was Television night with the whole crew-- no wait, it was ranai, fatbutts, James & their dog Archie, but no fordmadoxfraud. We watched some more of the third season of Joe Schmo, the bounty hunter one. Crazy stuff. Beyond that, to Tuesday or Monday? Things grow murky. Okay, lunch is almost over anyhow, so nose to the ISBN grindstone.
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