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So lately I've been sort of focusing on the bigger quests in Skyrim. I mean, I still chase down the smaller quests-- like killing dangerous saber-tooth tigers for my homegirl Aela, fetching missing instruments for the Bards & closing magical ruptures for the College-- but I've been adding in more from the "main story." I'm over level 50 now, & I've leveled up all of my "core skills"-- that would be Heavy Armor, Smithing, Enchanting & One-Handed-- to 100. In order to keep the game fun I've...well, I've just decided that I'm not an old dog! I can learn new tricks. In specific, I threw on the Shrouded Armor of the Dark Brotherhood, so I can increase my Light Armor skill, & I've started using magic predominantly. Using Equilibrium to increase my Alteration & then Close Wounds to increase my Restoration. Using Muffle & Invisibility to increase my Illusion. Sneaking more & being a sniper to increase my Archery. Summoning Flame Atronachs & shooting Firebolts for my Conjuration & Destruction. That sort of thing. It is a fun new a good way to scrape out extra Experience points from the game.

So yeah, I've re-dedicated myself to the main quests, & I'm coming at it from a new angle. I really liked meeting Paarthurnax; the idea that this immortal dragon has just been living on top of this mountain since before time, & that the millenia of the Greybeart monastery is just a recent blip to him...I find it interesting. Plus the plan? To...go find an Elder Scroll to travel back in time to learn the special Dragonrend Shout? Crazy, & made crazier by the fact that now I'm supposed to get the scroll transferred to a Dwemer Lexicon so I don't go blind or insane from reading it. The other thing I did was...well, join the Dark Brotherhood. As an assassin. I know I said Mauga was a "good guy," but I also said she thought life was cheap. It is hard to play a video game without thinking that; I've just got so much blood on my hands, you know? I figure that there isn't really any difference between a Jarl saying "go kill this guy...I mean, clear out the bandit chief from this fort" & the head of the guild giving me a target to remove. Six of one, half dozen of the other, though if the Night Mother wants me to do anything too beyond the pale, well, she'll get the same answer that the other Daedra have gotten..."no."

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