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THIS is Ceti Alpha Five!

fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth AD&D campaign was on Saturday, so after going to the gym with Tiffanie I trundled over to Emma's apartment for game. Last time, my elf thief Curulókë, Alicia's human thief Aeryn & Ken's half-elf cleric/thief Harlowe were rejoined by Emma's halfling psion Dilly & fatbutts's elf druid, Gilda. Which...led to us being suddenly teleported to a demi-plane, the Air Node! This sessions started with us all being met by a Fremen/Tusken Raiser type guy...& then, suddenly, Rasheem's human bard, Raz, & skycornerless' elf fighter/mage Vigda. The Wrath of Khan-esque guy under the airmask was revealed as Ashram...who claimed to be part of a specific knighthood devoted to Saint Cuthbert, but who was quickly deduced to be Chaotic Evil. Harlowe's spells told that tale, but so too did the pile of bones with the fork-&-knife marks all over them. That didn't stop Lilly's character, though; she started to seduce him, but ended up a little taken in by the allure of a Dark Mysterious Bad Boy. the superior charisma! Meanwhile, Dilly's reading people's minds, we're all resting up & making plans...& finding out that while Curulókë may be cursed by Strahd's kiss, Gilda & Aeryn & Dilly are all cursed by Zuggtomoy, herself. Through the meddling of The Crone, or evil gems, or...well, it lingers. Nothing to be done about it, right now, I think. Next up: heading out to go confront the Construct Storm Giant that guards the crystal that anchors the plane here. & now we know...there is a sphere anchoring Zuggtomoy to this plane. Curulókë plan? Use it not to banish her for 180 years...but to summon her true self into a death trap, & end her once & for all!
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