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Oubliette: Character Generation: Blood & Sake.

So the wheels of the new Oubliette campaign are turning in earnest, now! We got together a few weeks ago to talk about what sort of game we would play, & my Pan-Asian influenced campaign was agreed upon. So be it! Let the tale of Blood & Sake begin! Yeah, I decided to call it "Blood & Sake" because I'm cheesy as heck. A giant cornball. Anyhow, last night was character creation! Luke created Haru O-Kitsune, trickster member of the Kuge bureaucratic nobility. Nicole made Keku Kin, a Bucho boss of the filthy right & freaky weird Kin Zaibatsu. Mollie made Mio Yudai, a Sohei warrior monk from Kumo who is a Yojimbo for Haru O-Kitsune. Eric made Ren, a street urchin adopted by the Geiko courtesans & trained as a Taikomochi jester, the court wit. Silissa is playing Moe Hayashi, who is one of the Bucho bosses of the Cho Zaibatsu. That means we've got one aristocrat of the courtier persuasion, his former monk bodyguard, an entertainer from the Geiko, which fits neatly with that set, & then two corporate representatives. That is an interesting mix! Anyhow, the twist that I sprung on them after they generated their characters was that they were actually going to start by playing their characters as 12-14 year olds. It is an idea I am cribbing from kingtycoon; the "we met on summer vacation" establishing adventure. It is a good way to get people from all walks of life in one location & with the stricture of class & aristocracy out of the way. The players are pre-teens, sent to a Geiko resort town to relax & recover. Ren, the Taikomochi, is still a street urchin, just recently adopted by the Geiko, just begining his training. Moe's grandmother's herbalist shop just was bought out by the Cho Zaibatsu, & she's here with that money. Mio has just left the monastary of the Sohei in Kumo. Keiku is here after a horrible experience of having drank poison. Haru...well, Haru has money, so he doesn't even need a reason, but he's struggling with stress inappropriate in a boy his age. So, with that all set up, the table is ready for an actual adventure!
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