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Antepenultimate & Penultimate. (1, 2)

The Invisibles Volume Five: Counting to None by Grant Morrison, Phil Jimenez & John Stokes.

The Invisibles Volume Six: Kissing Mister Quimper by Grant Morrison, et al.

The Harlequinade,
the most true piece of magic
in all of these books.

The Knight of Diamonds
Keeping the Hand of Glory,
with sword & slapstick.

You know, I can't help but note that Ragged Robin is 33 in 2012. I was 33 for the 13th Baktun, so...that is an interesting perspective on The Invisibles. Reading about "the near future" from the lens of the past is always funny; maybe I should do a series of predictions, just to see how wrong I am in ten years. Except The Invisibles is idealistic; you could easily make a cynical future prediction by saying something about how nothing will change. I don't mean idealistic as in, the future is rainbows & happiness, but rather, that the future is weird & that big technological advances in things like nanites would "change everything." I mean-- we all walk around with little touchscreen computers in our pockets & the economy is ruined, but things aren't that much different than 2000, you know? Anyhow, I liked these! By this point Morrison has figured out what he's "doing" with the series. Sometimes everything's resolution is a little deus ex machina, but by & large I'm happy to be along for the ride. I don't have a lot of critical thought to say about this: it is weird to read while playing Assassin's Creed III since it has a lot of the same struggles, Control & Freedom. & also, time travel, come to think of it. I maintain my position that this & Morrison's run on JLA are the twin strands of DNA for All-Star Superman, which is where I think Morrison's writing really is elevated to be something special. & like I said: I really like the Flapper Kali.

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