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This Cake Is So Delicious & Moist.

So, I beat Portal 2. By way of putting that into some kind of context: I got Portal 2 in my Christmas loot. It wouldn't've taken me this long to beat, even, if Jenny hadn't been sick yesterday. My point isn't that it is short-- it is a physics engine, not a roleplaying game-- but rather that it inspired rabid obsession, immediately. My first awareness of the Portal franchise came from the basic awareness of the mechanics. Gun, shoots two portable holes. Clever! The second thing I learned was: the cake is a lie. What finally put me over the edge was the song from the credits. Choice! Actually, what made me give Adventure Time another chance was Marceline singing, so maybe that is a weakness of mine? Anyhow, Portal 2 is super great. Like, you can easily see why it is a classic & why everyone adores GLaDOS, et al. A lot of puzzle games annoy me, but Portal 2 didn't. You know that Playstation game IQ that some people loved? I hated it. I realize that Portal 2 is basically the same game but...shut up, is why. Another thing-- while Portal 2 seems like it is a jumper, it...isn't really a platformer? I called it a physics engine & that is what it is, a weird, speculative physics simulator. Sure, the story won't take you by surprise, but the puzzles will. They are just like, well--pun intended-- itches in your brain. They are all really tricky, & when you figure them out you feel like a genius. Some-- I bet it varies from brain to brain-- you breeze through, while others you just stare at until it clicks. "Oh yeah, reverse the polarity, then switch it back & dump jump goo on the sentry drones!" Ugh, I was stuck on that one forever. So anyway; that game is just bloody fantastic, & if anyone has a PS3 & wants to play the cooperative missions, I'm so there it isn't even funny.
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