mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

Cabin in the Woods.

So, I'm in a cabin in the woods, alone in the dark! Well, "cabin" is being modest, I'm at the retreat in the woods, the redoubt of Kira's aunt & uncle's family. I've been here before-- Jenny & I were trying to figure out. I was here in 2010 when we went to Storm King & Blue Hill; I was here in 2011 but otherwise my records aren't clear. Jenny & I are here with Kira & Nino & Olivia & Kira's cousin (& our friend) Joe. Oops, Olivia is awake, so it looks like today is getting started, so I'll be brief. I was going to talk about this last week, too; maybe I will, now, maybe I won't. See, I just got up to hug Jenny goodmorning & tease her because we gave Olivia a Lego set-- a Duplo set-- & Olivia said she made it & Jenny was like "well, you helped, but I mostly..." & I was all "...let her have this, Jenny." It was a good tease! Okay, focusing on today: Jenny & I came up here on the bus, & I was behind the guy who levered his seat two degrees. I'm pretty tall; if you tilt your chair, there is no room for my knees. Just my luck; of every seat on the bus, he was the only one who slid back. We got up here, had a drink in a college town bar, & then got picked up & came into the cabin. Dinner was short ribs & pasta...well, but really the bone marrow we had first was the star of the show. I introduced Olivia to Doctor Who; which is a theme, since I got Kat into it this week, too. Then, since we had scotch-- Springbank 10-- we decided to do bone luges. Bone luges! The yupster answer to icing. You pour a shot down a hollow bone & the alcohol dissolves the marrow into your mouth. It was pretty successful! Afterward we played some Balderdash, but really only a round's worth, before our attention drifted. Up here, with no lights & plenty of scotch, bedtime comes early!
Tags: photos, vacation

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