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Liber Kaiju. (102)

Inner Sea Bestiary by Paizo.

The Nightripper comes!
"Jack the Ripper" pastiche, not
the mash-up DJ.

My review for Bestiaries 1 & 2 is up at, & really this is very much a coda to that. I was, in fact, going to include this there, but I ran out of room. I read these a while ago, but haven't really had a spare moment to review them-- luckily, I'm off work till early January now, so I've got time to spare. All of the Pathfinder monster collections are great, & Inner Sea Bestiary is a perfect example of why. It has monsters that are fit to be PCs-- notably, androids-- as well as supernatural creatures, science fantasy creatures, urban legends, epic threats, the whole ball of wax. It also doesn't assume that everyone is white or that the whole world is somehow quasi-European, which is another thing I always appreciate from Pathfinder.
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