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"Sois Mon Frere Ou Je Te Tue."

Last night was the meeting of the Eleven-Books Club for my second pick, Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. I don't think it went over as well as my first pick, Kraken did, & frankly I can't say I blame the detractors all that much. Technically, my pick was just the first volume, "Say You Want a Revolution", & I think that is pretty flawed. Dane is the worst, the magical homeless guy trope is tired, & the book is what fordmadoxfraud called "kitchen sink." Morrison is throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. David still liked it, if in no small part for Vertigo nostalgia & from a position of knowing who Grant Morrison became, but we both said it was "adolescent." That is, in terms of authorial development. Really, I stand by my thesis that modern Grant Morrison's DNA is half Invisibles & half JLA. Jenny, who took the picture above, hated it. Really disliked it, in fact; she was a grump all day because she felt pressured to finish it. She only just got past Dane & Tom to the bits with Shelley & Byron. Carmen didn't even get that far, so she hated it too. Which...I get that. The bits without the actual Invisibles in it don't actually work. I think Terra saw some promise in it. David, Beatrice & littlewashu all read up through the second volume, "Apocalipstick", so they had much better opinions of it. I even lent Beatrice "Entropy in the U.K.", the third volume, on her way out. I was the obnoxious one saying "I know, but all that Dane stuff pays off in the third volume!" about...well, everything. The third volume was the best one is all I'm saying. Also notable about last night, besides all the hard cider we drank, was that it was a super digital meeting. Carmen just had a baby & Terra lives in Shanghai, so we piped them in via Google Hangouts. Carmen & Terra's view would switch to whoever was talking, but ours was stuck on whoever we selected-- I want to try to figure out if there is a way to split screen it or something? I think the problem was that I clicked on a thumbnail & I didn't know how to unclick. Anyhow, it was laggy at some points-- oh man, is there a one second delay in my free video stream to the other side of the planet?-- but overall a success. Also digital? How Carmen & Kerry read the comics.
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