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Full of Christmas Grinch.

How great is that gif? That is one of the most gpoy of things; a xenomorph hunched over a computer? Accurately describes my day to day experiences. Anyhow, I'm not really full of grinching, but I am full of misanthropy! I'm sick of these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane, you know what I mean? Just too much fun, I hate it! It has been the week of work parties, & while I have had fun & made new friends, I'm over it. Too much drinking! I don't drink like a fish anymore, & so when I do, my coping mechanisms have atrophied. Come on, man, you even have contingency plans for just this sort of thing! Anyhow, I'm sure I was obnoxious all week; Jenny had to put up with me coming home drunk while she was sober & I can only hope that the people I was talking to were as drunk as me or I must have been the worst. The usual "morning after" Facebook friending & emails of "oh remember that thing we all said we'd do?" went out, so I'm sure it was fine. Mostly I was just hungover Wednesday (after the digital party) & yesterday (after a publisher's party), & I usually avoid hangovers. Not this time! & as you know, I can't tell the difference between feeling bad & bad feelings. They are all just chemicals, right? Being sick is the same thing as being sad, I'm pretty sure. Oh well. This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps. Also it has cramped my gym schedule, & that makes me cranky. I have only gone once this week. I need those endorphins, they make my brain think that I'm like, a gladiator or fighting a smilodon or whatever.
Tags: gpoy, holiday, work

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