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Hermetic Monarchs.

In Warren Ellis’ Planetary, The Four are already a pastiche of the Fantastic Four…but what I’m proposing is a sort of double reversal. You can learn a lot from a pastiche—look at Moore’s Supreme, for instance—and The Four have one thing going for them that could make for an interesting Fantastic Four reboot—they are secret. What if the Fantastic Four are the clandestine defenders of Earth? This works with the weird broken continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; why aren’t the Fantastic Four showing up to fight the aliens in The Avengers movie? Well, because they are the secret science team, fighting the Weird Wars underneath everyone’s noses. I’m not talking “secret agent” stuff here, but rather…well, mysterious & unsung heroes. Urban legends, myths even among the heroes. Banner wakes up after a Hulk rampage…only to find that his rampage was kept to a single building…& there are broken orange cobblestones littered around. Tony Stark finds that there was actually a patent filed for an arc reactor…thirty years ago, by a 12 year old kid named Reed Richards. The Invisible Woman…well heck, she’s already invisible, what more do you want? The snag here is Johnny; his cavalier embrace of fame & power is kind of central to his character, huh? I guess I just like thinking about Reed Richards are the brooding secret mastermind of planet Earth. Anyhow, the reboot is in the same continuity as the X-men, not the Avengers, so never mind.
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