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Adventure Slime with Jacob Dog & Finland Human. (99)

Adventure Time Volume One by Ryan North, Branden Lamb, Shelli Paroline, et al.

Oh Marceline,
Princess Bubblegum.

I don't think it is any secret that I waded into Adventure Time neck deep this year. It took a bit to get going-- I still think the first season is tragically flawed-- but once it hit critical mass...well, it was a big bang. I was skeptical of the idea of spin-off comics, simply because it took a minute for all the threads of Adventure Time to coalasce into the genius it is now, but they they said Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics was writing it. Sold! You're sending the Wolf? Well that's all you gotta say! So what do you want from me! This is exactly what you think it is. Except...well, I'm curious about the relationship the comic has to canon! I mean, obviously breakfast kingdom is the best, but...did they really use sand to fill the giant chunk missing from the post-Mushroom War Earth? See, this is one of the unique pains of being a nerd. Why am I wasting time thinking about canon? Heck, I'm even one of those folks who stridantly argues that comic book authors should ignore canon. Ugh, whatever, nerdbrain! & because I have it, & because Marcy is my favorite, here is Mini-Marceline from "All the Little People" eating Mini-Peppermint Butler.

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