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The Perfect Organism.

Oh alright, I don't have any idea what I've done to be alive. I just...I loose track of things as soon as I look away from them. I live in a world of ghosts & serial killers hiding under the bed. Confusing. Monday I hung out with ravenface & we saw a lecture about Snorri. Tuesday I went to the gym & hung out on the couch with Jenny, & tried to detox; the slew of holiday drinking has begun. Wednesday was Television Night! ranai, James & fatbutts & fordmadoxfraud came over; Jenny was a little bit cranky but we still managed to watch Storage Wars & some Ke$ha videos. Come on, if you don't think "Trek Tock" is a perfect video, you are out of your gourd. Oh, I also went out to lunch with Kat & Nicole at CraftBar. Now that Terra lives in China, I've got to diversify my lunch socializing. That China thing, by the way, is working out okay, we still get to talk at the start & end of each day, as the future & the past mingle into a time-twilight. Thursday, for instance, was lunch with Maggie, & Friday was lunch with Alexei. Friday night was also when Jocelyn & Brian came down to Brooklyn to hangout at my apartment. If you are curious what "hanging out" means, it mostly means listening to me paraphrase stories out of The Silmarillion & watching clips of Lee Pace in The Fall. Sounds great, right? Chris came over & joined us, we played a little Guitar Hero & then poof, they were gone! Like the little men Rip van Winkle played nine pin with. Thursday night was just the gym, though. Saturday we picked up a Christmas tree, then I went to go play Dungeons & Dragons, & then I went to the gym again-- take that, sloth!-- & Jenny & I watched Castle & The Soup before bed.
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