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Blood in the Water. (97)

32 Fangs by David Wellington.

Poised, death in her web,
grim, on the witchbilly's stoop:
the vampire hunter.

My review for 32 Fangs is up at, & it is sort of an overview of all of these Laura Caxton books. It is no secret that I really enjoy David Wellington; he's a fluent pulp writer with clever ideas. What more do you want? His vampire novels are the best of the bunch, & just when I was worried they might that the "High Fantasy Horror" bend that his zombie books took, they pulled back. This ends the Laura Caxton series, & it has a very "action film" ending to it. Just...well, on point. & you know, I didn't mention at that Caxton is a woman, or a lesbian, which is...well, accidental, in the best way. Laura & Clara being gay isn't incidental-- it does factor into how they relate to the world & how the world relates to them-- but it isn't the defining angle on their characters. It is just, well, the nature of their sexuality, which matters only as far as identity politics & sexuality normally matter. So that is another plus in the Wellington column. Laura doesn't have any of Buffy's supernatural edges, but I like to think they'd be...well, not friends, but that they'd have a gruding kind of respect. Actually, come to think of it, Wesley is probably a better comparison to her arc, as she goes from fumbling rookie to the incarnation of badass.
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