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Krampusnacht. (96)

Krampus by Brom.

You better not cry.
Want something to cry about?
Here comes the Krampus.

My review of Krampus: the Yule Lord is up at, so I won't belabour it here. Suffice to say, it shared the ups & downs that The Child Thief did. Brom's very clever-- conflating Krampus & Santa to Norse mythology & connecting Peter Pan to the Horned Lord Pan-- but I think some of the "grim & gritty" stuff falls flat. It reminds me of stuff from Vertigo in the Nineties, like I was talking about with The Invisibles. Still, the bits that work really work, & I'm eager to like the Krampus mythology. I think I'll try to inject a little bit of it into my Christmas celebration this year! Anyhow, go read my review.

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