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Kallisiti! (95)

Sailor Twain by Mark Siegal.

Three witches, sisters,
clinging to the shore, singing.
Odysseus laughs!

This is one of those graphic novels that is all tied up with love, lust & obsession. In fact, I'd say the nearest comparison is Craig Thompson's Habibi, except I liked Sailor Twain. A bit of a creature feature-- a mermaid!-- & a bit of a new mythology about the Hudson, this sure is a pretty book. Heck, it is a pretty package, with an embossed mermaid under the dust jacket. It is a "man's tale," which I think is the biggest weak point in the story-- I'm just not that interested in how tough rich white men have it?-- but it isn't overwhelming & it certainly isn't offensively so or unilaterally so. It doesn't pass the Bechdel Test, but then it doesn't pass a reverse Bechdel Test either; there aren't two male characters who talk about anything other than women, either. I'm just saying-- it is from a very masculine view point. It made me think about Kristin Cashore's Fire, which is sort of like this novel, but from the feminine perspective. Just an interesting clash. The moral of this story-- this is a gorgeous volume about the effect of beauty & yes, rigid gender roles. It tells a story & ask questions.

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