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The Sons of Kveldúlfr.

Remember how I reviewed Song of the Vikings for Well, I did, & I liked it! Last night I went to go see the author lecture at Scandinavia House with special guest ravenface! Just when I thought I wouldn't get my act together in time to see him yesterday, it all clicked into place. Mostly because I'd forgotten that I RSVP'd to this event until I looked at my schedule more closely. First thing, though, was meeting up at...what is that bar called again? Rattle & Hum? Hum & Shiver? Something like that. We went there before karaoke the other night & I liked it. Plus, it is across from Compleat Strategist, which is where I buy my minis. I got some, but nothing I didn't already own; I think I've scraped the bottom of the Rise of the Runelords minis, & I never got a "Denizen of Leng," which was what I kept hoping to pull out of one of those random boxes. Okay, I'm off course here. Simon & I met up, had a drink, & went over to the lecture. It was nice! Listening to Nancy Marie Brown talk about Egil's saga & the reoccurring motif of the blonde heroic Viking & the dark haired trickster really cast the Marvel Thor & Loki into a different light. As much as I like the comic book Thor (which is a lot) it has always bothered me that he he doesn't have a red beard; looking at him as a saga character though, well, fits. Plus, it makes me want Thor & Loki to team-up on the same side more often, which is...what I always want. After the lecture, I hung out with Irene (she took that picture of me & the author)-- I abandoned Simon for a second, but only because I got him & Irene & company talking about Iceland, which I know both of them can do for hours-- & some of the people from work who were there working on the book. It was nice! Then home to Jenny, & reading on the couch while drinking a beer we discovered in Vegas.
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