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What About Second Breakfast?

On Sunday we had Second Thanksgiving. Partially because Jenny & I had been at her parents for First Thanksgiving, but really because Robert, Kira's stepdad, had to work on Thanksgiving. Thems the perils of being a professional chef, but also the perks, because...well, Second Thanksgiving! Also of note-- the "usual crew" is in fact pretty huge in this case. I guess it is Kira that is the lynchpin to it all-- Kira & Nino, & Olivia, & us, & Robert & Judy. Then Judy's sister's side of the family, so Paul & Linda & Joe, & Joe brought Leigha, who I decided at Olivia's birthday I really like a lot. Donna came as usual, & so did Bill & Rita. Then there were...another couple with a kid who are friends of Kira & Nino & Olivia, & Robert & Judy's next door neighbor, & Jenny's friend from work, Ahmed. No small turnout! We made the stuffing, which took a lot of butter! I say "we" made it-- really, Jenny made it, but I stirred it & spooned it out & cleaned up, so I'm claiming a sliver of help! I was still pretty beat from being out till three in the morning at karaoke, so I was a little out of it until Kira made cocktails out of prosecco & some kind of base, like tamarind & rum & amaro or something. Donna had never heard the term "hair of the dog," but I guess idioms are like that when your parents were native speakers. Jenny had never heard the extended version "hair of the dog that bit you," which I wonder might be regional? We talked about that for a while. Longer than you'd expect! Then food! So the trick to Second Thanksgiving-- to all the Bay Ridge Thanksgivings-- is herb butter. Lay down a layer of turkey, then put herb butter on it. Cover that in stuffing-- two kinds, ours & one made with sticky rice-- & mashed potatoes, & put herb butter on that. Then pour on the hot gravy to melt everything together. Add whipped sweet potatoes, eggplant parmesan, cranberries (either soaked in cognac or the other kind), baked apples (sweet or spicy) & fennel salad, & you should be good to go for the first round. Of which, well, you'll probably have two. Rounds, I mean. Save room for dessert, if you want! So, after that, we trickled out & got a ride home with Joe & Leigha & ended up lost in Red Hook; well, Joe & Leigha knew which way they were going but I was lost, anyhow. Came home, drank beer & watched Leverage. "The Low Low Price Job" was a takedown of big box stores that was pretty charming. The beer we were drinking was 15% ABV so that might have been a factor...
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