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My Girl Likes To Party All the Time.

Okay, I don't really even know how to go about catching up on topics of "parties," I think? What do you say? I mean, I can list everyone who was there, but besides that..."there was a joke, but I can't remember!" or "someone did a thing that I heart about!" or "there were strangers there that were super drunk!" doesn't make for particularly riveting reading nor does it really have any personal meaning to it. The event itself is the thing, but then once over, it is gone. The greatest trick the party ever pulled was convincing the world it didn't exist!*. So alright; Friday was a going away party for one of my bosses, & that was nice. We went to that bar were the owner trolled me for giving his place a bad review, which is not my favorite place in the world, but for my dear ex-boss, I was more than willing to suck it up & go, despite, you know, saying I would never go there again. Anyhow, it was a party with co-workers & I think I left just as things were starting to get interesting...but it was time to go, to meet up with Jenny! We ended up at Kat's apartment, shockingly enough-- I know, a twist ending!-- with the usual suspects*, Jocelyn, Brian, Matt & Katy. I know, who would have guessed!

Then yesterday, busy day! Gym, then AD&D & then Jenny's favorite person, Ahmed came over. We hung out for a bit-- I covered Jenny in pillows-- & then we went to one of her co-worker's going away. It was...a bit scattered! No one else was ready the time we got to Koreatown, so we stopped in at the bar across from where I buy my roleplaying supplies. They had the Goose Island Dominique, which I really wanted Jenny to try, since it is a sour beer brewed in the same bourbon casks they make their Bourbon County Stout in, but it was too caramel for her. Then! Karaoke! Going to karaoke with people in their early twenties is weird; all their "standards" are like, pop songs from when I was "too cool" for pop music. Also, the song selection at this place wasn't so great; there wasn't a lot for me to sing. We did get the "Playboy Room" though, for what that's worth. Anyhow, after that we...went to a club? Guys, why do people go to clubs? It was like...sardines. Kind of hilariously silly. I think we were there for...oh, fifteen minutes? Before we got fed up & left. Waiting for the train was taking too long, so, cab! & then home. At like, two-thirty in the morning. & now I'm lazy & hung over but I have to go to the grocery store; we're having Family Thanksgiving with Kira & Nino & Robert & Judy et al.
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