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Grey Freckles.

fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth AD&D campaign! It was a bit of a explosion of clutter & jumble, on account of a few roadblocks that popped up. First, our usual haunt is Bar Reis. It has a nice downstairs space with lamps over the tables, so we just screw in a higher wattage lightbulb & play. We normally have the space to ourselves-- Nigel is our bartender & we sort of take up the basement-- & if there are other people playing pool or whatever, that is cool too, the space is more than big enough. Anyhow, the moral of this tale is that Bar Reis wasn't open when we stopped by, so we had to go to The Gate. Sort of the quintessential Park Slope bar. I have a grudge against that place from long ago, but I had an okay time this visit; a nice beer selection & a pleasant bartender. It wasn't a good gaming location though: too loud & too dark. The other snag was that fatbutts came! Which is a terrific snag, but the front of the session was loaded with making her character, & leveling people up; that sort of thing. A usual problem; I think everyone who games has had one of those sessions. Actually, it wasn't just that Lilly came, it was that everybody game. It was a packed table! David had to wrangle me, Lilly, skycornerless, Emma, Alicia's beau Ken, Alicia & Rasheem. A lot of players! We were Curulókë the elf thief, Gilda "Pickle" Greensprout the half-elf druid (who has white hair & grey freckles; the grey freckles are a great touch), Vigda the elf fighter/mage, Dilly the halfling psionicist, Hazatsu the half-elf cleric/thief (I think? He is like, an elemental priest wearing a disguise), Aeryn the human thief & Raz the human bard, respectively. Game was basically this: "A druid comes into the inn with a helmet that has huge stag antlers. He nails a bloody frog to the wall & leaves. While you are arguing over whether he blessed or cursed the place, you hear giant wings, & the children with goblin weapons manning the walls (oh yeah, I donated the scavenged goblin weapons & armor to the town's kids, who are being used as lookouts) start shouting. You are under attack by giant eagles! & bugbears using earth elementals to operate giant trebuchets! Seige! Attack!" & then it was time to go.

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