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Chasse Macabre. (92)

Danse Macabre by White Wolf.

Bride of Frankenstein
versus Brides of Dracula:
grim engines, growling.

This book inspired a whole post over at, but it is worth mentioning a little more specifically that it pretty much rules. It is very "vampire centric," which means that from a practical Oubliette-centric point of view it isn't all that helpful, but as far as ideas go? Great stuff. The essays on running a game at the street level remind me of my opinions on a world where being a magician should allow you to write your own paycheck, why are you a criminal? If somebody spent a few million dollars making you a state of the art cyborg...why are you a criminal? There has to be a reason! That said, those are the fluff of the book; the real grist are the alternate morality mechanics & the reimagined covenants. The entry on the Holy Engineers reads like Outsider Art; I wasn't interested in the "God Machine" campaign they have forth coming, but if it is going to be gonzo crazy like that, I guess I am now! Plus, now that I'm friends with people who know a thing or two about motorcycle clubs, I found the Brides of Dracula pretty neat, & the dudes with psychic clones in their brains? Yeah! I'm down with that, let's get some body horror & mind horror up in here! Really, just fun; when fordmadoxfraud put this in my claws the other day I was a little tipsy & really excited, once I started reading. Hell yeah!
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