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The Glow.

I ought to get something down before it flickers out; I've just been leery about writing anything regarding Thanksgiving because I've been repeating the same patter as small talk over & over again. I'm not here for small talk, so I'll dodge that & try to have something of substance to say, even if that substance is of very narrow interest. I write for two audiences; myself & posterity! Digital archeology! My clarion call these days, or anyhow a joke I enjoy making, long after it stops being funny. I talked already about spending time at the in-law's house, already. The rest of the time with them was pretty similar; otherwise notably, we watched Brave. It was...not that great. It wasn't the worst or anything; maybe I'm just ruined from watching too many perfect Miyazaki movies? Brave was too frantic, didn't allow me a moment to appreciate the craft or story. Plus, you know, absent of a critique of class; if you are going to tell a story about the aristocracy's obligation to marry to cement political alliances, you gotta bring up the fact that, you know, as a princess you don't have to worry about starving to death, for instance. Oh woe is the princess' lot; she can do whatever she wants without consequences & is free to transgress gender roles! I'm not saying she should be sold as chattel to her husband, I'm just saying the whole system is bunk, you know? Seems weird to gloss over the...broader systemic inequalities. Here is the thing! Being with my in-laws means being on point; being "on" all the time. Gotta be a good son-in-law! Which is fine, I am a good son-in-law...the best, actually, I'd say. It isn't particularly relaxing though, so as a treat Jenny got us a reservation to a resort!

There is an upscale skiing town near Jenny's parents, & so we stayed in this mansion-- built by the guy who invented Claire's Boutique, a secret clone of Walt Disney-- & used their spa for a couple of days. It was actually really nice. Not the "nice" that sometimes people create, which is actually just a high maintenance status display, but actually nice. The spa was the main feature-- I'll come back to that-- but we had a nice dinner there too. I had butter poached lobster, on a potato blintz, & the blintz was fantastic. We both told the chef as much when he came out to talk to us. I mean, listen, butter poached lobster is going to be good no matter what. It is butter poached. Lobster. It is the little things that really pull a dish together, though. Anyhow, the spa! Mostly I was glad there was a gym; I worked out like a maniac! All different machines then I'm used to, & at a high altitude, so it really kicked my butt. We swam & sat in the hot tub & used the sauna & steam room, too, but really besides the gym we just sat in the "Relaxation Room"-- robes only!-- or the Library of the manor house & read. I finished up the first volume of The Invisibles, read that Viking book & a few other things that will pop up on sooner or later. What I tried to do, really, was squint my eyes realllly hard & pretend we were at The Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hollow, & that everyone was a Lorelai Gilmore.
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